Sale | Northshore

At Varuso Homes, our sale process is intended to make our buyer’s active participants not bystanders. From the purchase agreement throughout construction, buyers are included in our step by step selection process, eliminating unnecessary inquiries along the way, and avoiding delays and confusion. We invite you to view and consider our completed or under-construction available properties.

The Start

Because Varuso Homes’ design work is performed in-house, our buyers are apprised of the cost for a home immediately, with start-up times greatly shortened. Varuso Homes’ no-nonsense approach to producing practical homes at reasonable pricing has gained them a reputation of selling affordable homes that have the appearance of being more expensive custom homes.


Our current building time is approximately 6 months for new starts. Time factors to consider are land conditions, style, size, and unforeseen delays like weather or supply and demand for materials and labor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any initial cost associated with “The Planning Process?”
No, with the proposed home being built on our lot with our plan design, there will be no other cost associated with the sale price.

How much per square foot do you sell homes for?
From neighborhood to neighborhood prices vary. Lot cost differ because of location or infrastructure challenges caused by a variety of site conditions. Other factors that drive per foot cost are items like soil and foundation considerations, complexity of home design, ceiling heights, interior finishes and exterior amenities. Once those items, products and allowances are identified, a final fixed price is determined and agreed to.